Destiny 2 Warmind Riddle Completed, Leads to Real-Life Reward

There’s hidden lore and then there’s Destiny 2’s hidden lore. Not only did a recent Warmind Rasputin Puzzle finally get solved, it also led to a treasure trove of story teases and, crucially, a real-life reward for the player who found it. Bungie always go big – but this is a whole different level.

Hidden in Rasputin’s Chamber in the Destiny 2 Warmind DLC was a serious of increasingly complex ciphers. Of course, Reddit being Reddit, this insanely complicated puzzle was dusted off fairly quickly. The complete breakdown can be read here – and, honestly, it hurts my head a little – but essentially, it boils down to a cipher being decoded and teasing the mysterious figure of Rasputin.

Here’s the kicker. The cipher ended with a bunch of real-life co-ordinates that pointed to a location in upstate New York. There, a player found a cache with a set of coins, messages and even a real-life Valkyrie spear. Talk about going above and beyond.

Hilariously, the cache was then removed due to, as Reddit user dracotuni pointed out, Bungie not having the right permits to, y’know, start a scavenger hunt in the middle of a renowned hiking trial. The poor Park Ranger probably didn’t know what him when people came rushing in speaking of Destiny, Rasputin and all the rest of it.

You can see the complete findings in this Imgur album. Not only is the Valkyrie spear first-come-first-served, it also encouraged more players to find the cache. A message left by Vicarious Visions, who worked on the Warmind DLC, has invited players to take one of the 40 or so coins left in a plastic bag, write their thoughts in a journal and move on.

All in all, pretty cool. And it makes Pokemon GO look pretty tame by comparison. Caught a virtual Eevee, have you? Pah! We’ve got a literal weapon hiding in the woods.