EA Officially Confirms Battlefield V

EA has officially confirmed that the next Battlefield is indeed Battlefield V. Just after The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah confirmed that he would host the reveal event, EA went one step further and unveiled the official title. The event is still scheduled for May 23rd at 1 PM EST and will be livestreamed on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

A time period has still not been officially revealed but EA stated that they will “give players the first look at DICE’s immersive portrayal of the new setting.” The marketing’s heavy push towards “V” implies a Vietnam setting but rumors have been swirling about it taking place during World War II. The franchise has been to both periods in one way or another and it’s hard to assume anything either way.

DICE team members will be at the reveal event to talk about the game. The Battlefield blog post states that the head of DICE Stockholm, senior producer, creative director, and design director of the game will come in and fill viewers in on their vision. This approach is lot like DICE’s reveal of Star Wars Battlefront 2 back at the Star Wars Celebration in 2016.

Viewers will be able to get a short look at the game’s multiplayer and campaign. The blog post promises multiplayer that “that spans multiple maps and modes” and new online modes. Vague “gameplay changes” were also hinted at and will be explained at the event.

While the Battlefield franchise has always heavily leaned on its online offerings, the Battlefield V reveal will also detail some of the game’s campaign. Battlefield V will also utilize the same well-received War Stories storytelling format from Battlefield 1. War Stories are short vignettes that place you in the shoes of different soldiers around the war. Battlefield 1‘s unique campaign put players in the shoes of six different heroes from all over the world.