The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah is Hosting Next Battlefield Reveal

The next Battlefield, whatever it may be, is finally getting officially revealed. Trevor Noah, a stand-up comedian, producer, author, and current host of The Daily Show, is hosting the Battlefield reveal event on May 23rd. The reveal will be streamed live on Battlefield‘s YouTube page at an unspecified time. It looks like the Easter egg teaser was right.

Only a brief few seconds of gameplay were shown in the short video Noah posted to Twitter. But, unless you are an expert on chairs and horse paintings, then it would be pretty difficult to discern exactly when this game is taking place. There is, however, what looks like a French flag as one of the team logos at top of the screen. Judging, by the gamertag, it also looks like Noah is playing (or pretending to play) on Xbox One.

This teaser trailer is playing with expectations and rumblings on the next Battlefield game. Some rumors have pointed to it being set in Vietnam while others have pointed to it taking place during World War II. The “V” in the on the coffee mug is suspicious because it stand for “Vietnam” or for the Roman numeral for five. None of the numbered Battlefield games have not used Roman numerals for their titles so this could either be a new direction or it could mean both “5” and Vietnam.

Noah also points out the “V” in his tweet, furthering adding to the speculation. The game is not referred to as Battlefield 5 at all in the video or tweet either. Very tricky, EA.

Trevor Noah himself has tweeted about video games a few times. He has joked about video game settingsmentioned Blanka from Street Fighter, and said how Tomb Raider was his favorite game on PS3 (even more than Uncharted). He even recently had a segment on The Daily Show about the folly of blaming real-life violence on video games.