Battlefield V Reveal Date Discovered in Hidden Battlefield 1 Easter Egg

Battlefield V is the rumored next installment of the EA DICE’s game franchise. The previous game, Battlefield 1, was originally released over two years ago but it seems that the developers have hidden an easter egg that went undetected for a year. Players recently solved this obscure easter egg, which led them to the most shocking discovery of all; the reveal date for the upcoming Battlefield V.

Fans have been eager for more details about the next Battlefield game but EA DICE hasn’t officially revealed any information. Players from the Battlefield subreddit and Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Discord recently unlocked a sealed door hidden inside the game, which had been locked for the past year with no way of opening it.

Battlefield V Reveal Date: Where To Find The Easter Egg

Players can find the door in on the Fort de Vaux map in Battlefield 1, with the words “Isolement” written above it. A recent patch rendered the door solvable, as it added a button system behind posters scattered around the fort. Each poster has a button hidden behind it which presses on a specific letter. Players solved the puzzle by pressing the buttons in the correct order to spell out the word “Isolement.”

The door will then open, where players will find a vacant cell inside. A tunnel can be found at the corner of the room but it doesn’t actually lead anywhere, as well as a pipe system with valves and an unfinished painting of a white horse. However, these don’t matter. The true easter egg is the ceiling pipes, with water dripping from it in morse code.

Battlefield V Reveal Date: What Does The Easter Egg Mean?

After being decoded, the secret morse code message reveals a link; It leads to a webpage which contains the date 23rd May 2018 and a Battlefield hashtag. It looks like we have to wait until then for official details about Battlefield V, especially with EA DICE’s bold statement stating that the franchise will “never be the same.”

In other related news, EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently said that Battlefield V will still feature “single-player stories.” It’s been rumored before that the game will apparently have a campaign modeled after Battlefield 1‘s, with “episodic mini-stories” that allow players to assume the role of different soldiers in different theaters of war around the world.