F-Zero Inspired Racer Antigraviator Gets New Trailer, Release Date

Classic light-speed racing game fans will be delighted to know that F-Zero inspired racer Antigraviator has a new trailer and an announced a release date of June 6 on Steam. Console releases will come soon, with PS4 and Xbox One versions available later in the year. Developer Cybernetic Walrus are promising quite the list of key features, including no speed limit and ship customisation.

Antigraviator will pit you against both AI and player opponents in high-speed races across four sci-fi worlds, each with three courses. The game is an F-Zero inspired racer, and it’s inspiration that’s very clearly worn on Cybernetic Walrus’s sleeve. The ships look sleek and flashy, and the heavy emphasis on intense speeds are very reminiscent of the Nintendo classic. According to a press release from last year, “players will race on exquisitely detailed stages, full of light-speed danger, chaos and mayhem.”

The trailer released today really puts that light-speed into perspective. The tracks are colossally huge to accommodate the many hundreds of miles an hour you’ll be zooming along at, and they’re breathtaking environments to boot. We can see tropical beach landscapes, expansive space structures, and volcanic wastelands, all of which will provide some visually satisfying backdrops to the absolute carnage on the race tracks.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get a one-up against your opponents with a myriad of traps, weapons, and environmental effects that you can drop, shoot, and trigger. There’ll be rocket launchers, hover mines, collapsible tunnels and rockslides-in-waiting to name but a few. You’ll also be able to customise your ship with different performance tweaks and arsenals, with unlockable skins available free of charge, some of which will be obtained by reaching the top of Antigraviator‘s worldwide leaderboard.

The F-Zero inspired racer will be available on Steam on June 6, with console releases coming later this year. Why not add it to your Steam wishlist now?