Overwatch Gives Update on Symmetra Rework

Ever since Overwatch announced that a Symmetra rework was on their to-do list, fans have understandably been clamoring to get the attention of anyone willing to answer their questions. Questions like, ‘when will the rework happen,’ ‘will Symmetra be a viable pick now,’ and our personal favorite of, ‘when is Symmetra getting deleted instantly from the game?’

Jokes aside, Symmetra has been the bane of a fair few player’s existences for a while now, so it most certainly makes sense people would want answers. This led to one eager individual asking for more information on the official Blizzard forums, which surprisingly led to an answer from Overwatch lead designer, Geoff Goodman.

Goodman shared no visuals in his response, but he did touch on two of Symmetra’s recent changes. For example, Symmetra’s teleporter is no longer going to be her ultimate ability, being moved instead to her ‘E’ ability slot.

Symmetra’s teleporter now works in both directions, which means it can now be used with much more finesse than before. The example Goodman gave was how a Symmetra can throw her teleporter to save her teammates from an enemy Zarya’s graviton ultimate, teleporting them to safety. It can be used similarly to protect squishy healers like Zenyatta and Ana, giving them an escape route out of harm’s way.

Another change was the use of her turrets. They are still projectiles, however, they can now be destroyed while in the air. This means that players will need to be a little more intelligent on where they place their turrets, as well as making sure they use them as projectiles when trying to take advantage of a foe’s weakness.

Goodman had no more to say about any major changes for Symmetra, but ended his post with the hope that he and the rest of the Overwatch team would have more to show of the Symmetra rework in the future.