Overwatch Anniversary Reveal Coming Saturday, Hints at New Content

The Overwatch Anniversary is kicking off this upcoming Tuesday, May 22nd and to say we’re pumped is an understatement. New skins, new voice lines, new interactions and the potential of new, exciting game modes. What isn’t there to love? But there’s more to be excited about than just the event.

According to those on the Overwatch League website, if you tune to the Overwatch League broadcast on the 19th of May there will be a fair share of surprises. Not only will players be able to see the new content in action, but there will also be appearances from assistant game director Aaron Keller and lead writer Michael Chu.

An appearance from Michael Chu is always a reason for fans of Overwatch’s lore to sit up a little straighter. As lead writer, Chu is the one fans go to when they have questions about the characters and the world they live in. So, it makes sense that already people are beginning to speculate whether there will be an announcement of some sort that involves the story of Overwatch.

There is a chance that it could be an animated short considering the last short we received, Reinhardt’s Honor and Glory, was back in 2017. However, these shorts are usually revealed at huge events, such as when Sombra was announced back in 2016 at Blizzcon, so we implore fans to not get their hopes up too much if they are really hoping for another animated short.

Nonetheless, there are other things that could be revealed with Chu’s appearance such as comic books, another way Blizzard uses media to give out the lore of Overwatch. We still remember how First Strike was canceled back in 2016, so maybe we’re just holding onto hope for Chu to reveal that they’ve finally picked it back up again. Either way, we hope good things are to come this Saturday.

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