Sombra Officially Revealed For Overwatch [BlizzCon 2016]

The reveal every Overwatch fan has been waiting for finally happened. After stringing the community along with an Alternate Realtiy Game (the Sombra ARG, as it's infamously known) since July, Blizzard finally gave us what we wanted.

"I'm sure no one saw that coming," Blizzard CEO Michael Morhaime said on stage after the reveal, at least letting us know that he's in on the joke.

A lengthy intro cinematic video showed Sombra purporting to work with Widowmaker and Reaper, but really having her own agenda to make a powerful friend in the Russian government.

Sombra was described as a stealthy offensive infiltrator who can hack enemy abilities. While her abilities weren't gone over in the opening ceremony, her hacking will come into play against enemies, and, if the intro video is any indication, she will be able to teleport back to a placeable locator.

Her introduction went about as everyone expected it – a generic overview of the success of Overwatch started to suffer some audio glitches that became more invasive until suddenly – to the surprise of no one – Sombra herself took over the screen. It was still entertaining, though.

Check out Sombra's full character details here.