Overwatch’s Pink Mercy Skin has Raised Almost $10 Million for Cancer Research

Going way past their $250,000 minimum, Blizzard has announced today that the Pink Mercy skin in Overwatch has raised almost $10 million dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Fund. This number took just over a week to achieve since the skin went on sale on May 8th for $14.99 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The promotional skin is only available for a limited time as it goes away on May 21st.

All of sales of the skin go towards the BCRF, which Sony insists that it isn’t taking from. Blizzard is also raising money for the BCRF in a couple other ways. The Overwatch developer collaborated with artist VICKISIGH to create a Pink Mercy-themed shirt. All of the proceeds ($15 per shirt) go to the BCRF, which you can buy here at their official store.

In addition to shirts and skin, Blizzard has also partnered with popular streamers on Twitch to help raise awareness and money. They have created a schedule where one streamer streams once a day until the event’s end on May 21st. Viewers can jump in and watch the streams and earn in-game sprays and a player icon as long as they have linked their Blizzard and Twitch together. The reward system is tiered and every two hours (up to six) unlocks a couple more cosmetic items for your Overwatch account.

The BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the United States according to Charity Navigator. While Blizzard has stated their enthusiasm for helping on their own website, the BCRF has returned the gratitude.

“Blizzard Entertainment has made an incredible commitment to activate change for women’s health by mobilizing the gaming community worldwide to raise critical funds for lifesaving cancer research. We are deeply appreciative to Blizzard for their support of BCRF and our mission to be the end of breast cancer. ” said the BCRF’s Chief Strategic Alliance Officer Stephanie Kauffman on their website.