Black Ops 4 Switch Isn’t Happening, Treyarch Confirms

Treyarch has confirmed that hopeful Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Switch players will have to go to other platforms to play the upcoming shooter. This debunks the rumor that a Black Ops 4 Switch port is in the works, which GameStop appeared to be selling earlier this week. The game is only planned to come to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12th.

Speaking to Twinfinite, Yale Miller, senior producer at Treyarch, stated that the company was not intending to bring the game to Nintendo’s platform. He gave a brief and quick “No there is not” answer when asked about the team’s plans.

The exact reason for this decision in unknown. Treyarch is cramming Black Ops 4 full of modes so they might not have the talent to spare to put the game on the Switch. The platform’s unique toolset and power capabilities probably make the game a harder port than most. However, Treyarch is outsourcing the PC version to developer Beenox in order to better realize what PC players want. The same could be done for a Switch port but, again, there could be another reason Treyarch can’t or won’t do it.

Given how Black Ops 4 is exclusively multiplayer-centric, a handheld hybrid console might not be the best way to play. The spotty connectivity of Wi-Fi and lack of easy ways to hook the system up to an Ethernet cable keep the platform from having the smoothest multiplayer experience. Playing the new and improved co-op or any of the other multiplayer modes might not work for a handheld console hybrid that doesn’t always have a reliable internet connection.

Nintendo’s lackluster online service also does not help the game’s case. Seeing the Big N’s archaic approach to online makes it reasonable to see how Treyarch would rather focus their efforts on other platforms. Hopeful Black Ops 4 Switch players will have to wish that the next Call of Duty breaks away this pattern.