Rumor: Far Cry 5 DLC Heart of Darkness Release Date Possibly Leaked

With a game as dynamic and engaging as Far Cry 5, it was only a matter of time before a new DLC came along. That seems to be Far Cry 5 DLC Heart of Darkness, which will be set in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. You, the player, strive to take down the Viet-Cong whilst completing a number of activities along the way.

The leak was first discovered thanks to an eagle-eyed viewer on Amazon, who saw that the Hours of Darkness DLC will come out in about three weeks, on June 5th. The price is said to be $12, which considering the Season Pass is $30, makes sense. The listing has since been removed, but if the leak proves to be correct then fans of Far Cry 5 won’t have to wait long at all.

What does give the release date some credibility is that it’s a week after Far Cry 3 comes out for those that have purchased the Season Pass for Far Cry 5. It allows players some time to get lost back into the wacky world of Vaas Montenegro, before jumping right back into war-torn Vietnam. Of course, even if the leak is true, it still doesn’t give us the full release date of the rest of the DLC included in the Season Pass.

While being trigger happy in Vietnam may be your style right now, there are more than a few fun things to come in upcoming DLC. For example, Lost on Mars will pit you against insectoid alien monsters on the red planet, whereas Dead Living Zombies will put you into several scenarios with the living dead that would make even Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead cry.

If you’re interested in buying the Season Pass for yourself to get in on that action, check out Amazon right now. For now? We wait to see if that leak really is true or not.