Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC Coming in June

The rumor was true: Far Cry 5‘s first piece of downloadable content is just over the horizon. The Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC called Hours of Darkness is set to come out on June 5th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Ubisoft has not set an official price but the three expansions are rumored to cost $12 each.

Hour of Darkness‘ trailer gave a brief glimpse of the Vietnam setting but not much outside of a tone-setting monologue. The DLC stars Wendell Redler, a Vietnam war veteran and Hope County resident, as he recounts the time he spent saving his team during the war. Players might recognize him from Far Cry 5 as the guy who gives you the side quest to collect his squad’s lighters. Hour of Darkness‘ achievements are also out in the wild and are fairly spoiler free.

This is just part of Ubisoft’s post-launch plan for Far Cry 5. It has two other season pass expansions on the way. Dead Living Zombies is, as you might have guessed, the game’s zombie-based DLC starring film director Guy Marvel. Marvel also has a side quest in Far Cry 5 where you are tasked with helping him shoot his movie, Blood Dragon 3.

Lost on Mars is the third and final announced DLC, which stars Far Cry 5 companion Nick Rye on his journey to stop the Martian Arachnid invasion on Mars. All three expansions packs are from the “brand that brought [us] Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon,” which explains their extraordinary premises.

The season pass bundles all three packs and a digital copy of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition for $30. Classic Edition is a remastered version of 2012’s Far Cry 3 and comes out on May 29th for season pass holders. It releases as a standalone game on June 26th on PS4 and Xbox One for an undisclosed price. PC season pass owners will just get a regular copy of Far Cry 3.