Roguelite Card Game A Long Way Down Announced for PC and Switch

A Long Way Down, a roguelite card game by French developers Seenapsis has been announced for a release on PC and Nintendo Switch. There’s a teaser trailer that’s been released as part of the announcement that shows off a little bit of what to expect when the game comes out.

In A Long Way Down, you assemble a party of adventurers and explore dungeons from an isometric perspective. You assemble a deck of cards that you can use to overcome obstacles and fight in turn-based combat, and there’s also a morality system that’ll affect the course of the game. Seenapsis drew inspiration from games like Darkest DungeonSlay the Spire, and Hand of Fate.

The art style is quite striking, resembling the aesthetic of Don’t Starve with a painterly edge. The characters are definitely the most striking; there’s a zany-haired man who wields a staff, dagger and a pointy chin, as well as a kopesh-wielding woman and a stocky guy with a big hammer. It’s characters like these that you’ll encounter while you dungeon crawl, and potentially recruit into your party.

As well as items and attacks, we also see another function of the cards you can play in A Long Way Down. You can actually use some cards to lay down extra dungeon tiles if you can’t access certain areas. Being able to effectively craft the dungeon around you should prove quite interesting tactically, and help out a lot when trying to find new weapons and equipment to make use of.

The roguelite card game market isn’t exactly saturated, so it’s always exciting to see interesting-looking projects joining the club. This is Seenapsis‘ debut project so we have nothing to go on when predicting how good this game will be, but there’s a lot of potential for good stuff if the studio plays their cards right.