Dark Souls Remastered Sells Almost Twice as Much as Detroit Become Human in Japan

Detroit Become Human has elicited a mixed reaction from gamers around the world. However, it’s done pretty well for itself in regions like the UK. Dark Souls Remastered and State of Decay 2 were the other two major releases last week. However, it looks like Dark Souls Remastered has everyone dying all over again in Japan, as it sold almost twice as many copies as Detroit Become Human.

Dark Souls Remastered At Number One: Prepare To Die All Over Again

According to the most recent Media Create Sales figures, Dark Souls Remastered sold a total of 71,739 copies and that’s only on the PS4. The number of copies sold on the Xbox One and PC didn’t make it into the top twenty software sales chart, which means that the sales for the game on those platforms weren’t great. In comparison, Dark Souls Remastered only managed to grab third place in the UK games chart, losing to Detroit Become Human and State of Decay 2.

The Japanese probably aren’t fond of talking androids in playable interactive scenes as Detroit Become Human made an underwhelming debut with 39,548 copies sold. The same thing happened to God of War when it debuted over six weeks ago with 46,091 copies sold. However, Sony Santa Monica’s PS4 exclusive did go on to break the record for having the largest console exclusive launch of all time, with a whopping 2.1 million copies at launch.

Meanwhile, Microsoft exclusive State of Decay 2 has failed to even a tiny splash in Japan. That’s probably due to the relatively low number of Xbox One owners in the country, with less than 200 consoles being sold every week. Atlus has a whopping five games in the top twenty software sales chart, including Persona Dancing All-Star Triple Pack and Persona Dancing Deluxe Twin Pack which debuted at third and fourth place with 27,240 and 21,579 copies sold, respectively. Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2 also did quite well, making its debut at number nine with 8,093 copies sold.