Double Fine and More Coming to New Kongregate PC Games Platform

There’s a new Kongregate PC games platform called Kartridge coming soon, and they’ve just unveiled some of the developers and games that will be coming to the platform. Double Fine, Versus Evil, and Asymmetric are some of the studios who will be bringing their games to Kongregate’s answer to Steam, GOG, and

Nearly 50 developers have already committed to the new platform, and this number apparently grows every day. Some of the highlights include Double Fine, who will be bringing PsychonautsDay of the Tentacle Remastered and Brutal Legend, and Versus Evil who will be putting Banner Saga 1 & 2Antihero, and Guild of Dungeoneering up on Kartridge when it launches in open beta this summer.

Kongregate is one of a number of development studios who have opted to enter the distribution side of the industry. Valve has Steam and CD Projekt has GOG, but Kongregate is hoping to mix things up with Kartridge by offering developers a different revenue sharing system. Developers will get 100% of the revenue on the first $10k of earnings, with games exclusive to the platform getting 90% of the revenue on the next $40k. It’s definitely a move geared towards benefiting indie developers and smaller studios with niche audiences.

“The level of support and enthusiasm from the game development community for the Kartridge platform has been overwhelming, and the early commitments to the open beta are a reflection of this,” said Josh Larson, Chief Revenue Officer for Kongregate. “Being able to offer consumers access to such an array of titles from noted and industry-leading developers is a great first step to developing Kartridge as a gaming destination.”

Diversifying a market is always a positive for consumers, as it discourages monopoly and encourages distribution platforms to offer more to their customers. It should be interesting to see how much of an impact this new Kongregate PC games platform will have in the games industry, but by the sounds of it, they’re already off to a really good start. You can sign up for closed beta access now on their website.