Anthem Gameplay to Be Unveiled Next Week

EA and Bioware have announced that they will be revealing an official look at gameplay from their upcoming game, Anthem. As E3 2018 inches closer, game developers and publishers are surely going to ramp up the hype for their games. Mark your calendars for June 9th at 11 am PDT, as there will be several things to look forward to on that day.

The publisher announced the news earlier today on its official site, alongside a 6-second long teaser. EA promises that there will be a brand new trailer, which will provide us with a glimpse of Anthem‘s story, characters, and monsters. We’ve already received a short insight into its gameplay last year but the publisher will show off even more next week.

Anthem Gameplay Reveal: More To Look Forward To

However, EA states that next week’s gameplay reveal will focus on combat. We’ll see more of the sleek Javelin exosuit worn by the player’s character in action. It’s not all visuals as representatives from Bioware will also be discussing some of the “guiding principles that shaped the development of Anthem.” Last but not least, more concept and production art from the game will be shown next week as well.

This news isn’t totally unexpected as the official Anthem Twitter account posted something a few days ago which hinted at something big coming soon. It was vague but now we know the answer to that mysterious tweet. The game is probably less than a year left from release, according to EA’s Blake Jorgenson. We reported last month that he said: “Anthem will be shipped in the last quarter of the year and in the last month of that quarter.”

That statement can be translated to mean that Anthem is likely to release in March 2019, as that is when the publisher’s previous fiscal year ends and a new one begins. Players have been wary of Bioware’s latest game since it’s different from the developer’s usual RPG offerings like the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. It will combine singleplayer and multiplayer in a unique way, which we’ll probably learn more about at E3 2018.