Metal Gear Survive Free Trial Now Live for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

To celebrate its 100th day since its launch in February, Konami is letting players try Metal Gear Survive for free. The Metal Gear Survive free trial is now live on PS4 for PlayStation Plus owners in Europe and North America and will last until June 4th at 6:59 GMT. The free trial is not available on PC or Xbox One.

PlayStation Plus is required for the trial as is, obviously, an internet connection to download it. Players will be able to keep their progress if they decide to keep the game when the trial ends. It will even be 30% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers until June 7th.

Existing Metal Gear Survive players get to partake in the celebration too. Konami will be handing out 100 SV coins to players every day until June 11th. SV coins are the game’s microtransaction currency that allow players to purchase various in-game effects, character poses, save slots, and more. However, exercise caution since some of these items, according to our reviewer, are not in the spirit of the game.

Although its after the Metal Gear Survive free trial ends, the game is also getting a repeat of one of its past cooperative events. The Encounter 1964 is an upcoming co-op event that revolves around Metal Gear Solid 3 and will be live from June 12th to July 3rd. During this event, players can earn costumes, face paint, nameplates, and more, all of which are themed around Metal Gear Solid 3.

While healthy games get free trials all the time, it’s not as good of a sign for Metal Gear Survive. The game stumbled when it launched in the UK and Japan and failed to even make the top 20 in the NPD during its launch month in the United States. Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ both continued to dominate from January and, combined with the general disdain for Konami’s after their scuffle with Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Survive didn’t have much of a chance to, well, survive.