PUBG Xbox One Now Lets You Report Team Kills

The latest PUBG Xbox One update has gone live, and one of its biggest additions is being able to report team kills. The update has also added to the Miramar map, with extra car spawning positions, an expanded Oasis in the north of the map, and more loot farming points.

What most players will be interested in for the PUBG Xbox One update is team kill reporting. If you get murdered in cold blood by a teammate exercising ultimate betrayal, then you can very easily see justice enacted upon the player. When the results screen is shown, you can hit Y to open up the report pop-up, press A to report, and await the “report completed” message at the bottom of the screen. It’s quick and simple, and to prevent the system being abused, the report button won’t appear if it wasn’t a team kill.

PUBG Corp has also made a few changes to Miramar in this update, like the Oasis in the northern area of the map being expanded to “make it a more appealing area.” They’ve also added more trees, rocks, and other objects in this area for more cover options. As well as this there are more car spawning positions, and “problematic” terrain elements that caused weird collisions have been fixed to make the driving experience a lot smoother. Certain building interiors have been simplified, and there are extra farming points to loot from.

Finally, there have also been some bug fixes and optimisation tweaks. The main offenders are motorbike tires that actually burst when damaged now where they hadn’t before, and back-end changes that had been implemented for an “upcoming feature” have been removed, as they tried to interact with this feature causing the game to crash. There are a few more details that you can check out in full in the patch notes on the PUBG forums.