Hitman Season 2 Teased by IO Interactive Twitter

Hitman Season 2 looks like it’s being teased on the IO Interactive Twitter. On the official Hitman Twitter account, IO Interactive posted a video containing a date of June 7, along with some elusive imagery and not much else. With Hitman Season 2 long-awaited, it wouldn’t be surprising if we find out more in three days time.

In the IO Interactive Twitter video, we see what looks to mimic a thumbprint scanner, and then an “ACCESS DENIED” message, with the date June 7, 2018. The caption of the tweet reads, “Good afternoon, 47. The profiles have been uploaded. Your next target is…” Many online have speculated that this might be an upcoming announcement for Hitman Season 2. With Hitman: The Complete First Season released at the beginning of last year and the Definitive Edition last month, it’s reasonable to assume that this might be the case.

Hitman has seen huge critical success and a dedicated audience comprised of fans of the original classics and players new to the franchise alike. Where it ran into issues was with Square Enix‘s expectations from the episodic game. Wishing to bankroll a new project, Square Enix let Hitman developer IO Interactive go to cut down on costs. Thankfully, with IO Interactive went the rights to the Hitman franchise, which makes this new teaser all the more exciting. This will be the first iteration of Hitman with IO Interactive entirely behind the wheel without assistance from a publisher, and it’ll be interesting to see how this changes what we see in Hitman Season 2 if that’s what is coming.

That is, of course, if IO Interactive will be releasing Hitman Season 2 themselves. It’s entirely possible that the studio may have signed on with a different publisher, but we don’t know that for certain yet. It’s likely that we’ll find out on June 7 along with other information about what’s happening, so stay tuned.