Jurassic Park Remade in Far Cry 5

The newest Far Cry has been out for a while now, and many of the initial players that first bought the game have completed mostly everything the vanilla game has to offer. That is, of course, until the first Far Cry 5 DLC Heart of Darkness, is released. But until then? All players have is the Arcade Mode, a place where Jurassic Park remade in Far Cry 5’s engine is completely possible.

With Arcade Mode allowing players to create their own maps, beautiful creations have been brought to life and fans have every right to feel excited and proud about sharing their art with the rest of the world. The creator of the Jurassic Park map, D4rkDeath, was very eager to show off his creation to the community, as you can see in his tweet below.

The amount of detail involved in the map is nothing short of admirable. Places are instantly recognizable, such as the T-Rex paddock, the visitor center and the iconic Jurassic Park gates that made entering the world of dinosaurs seem possible in the first place. D4rkDeath also included in a number of easter eggs that fans of Spielberg’s iconic sci-fi film will find themselves recognizing instantly.

It goes to convey just how dedicated these creators are, and how far they will go in order to make something special. And it isn’t the first time either as fans have been creating wonderful things since the game first debuted. To see some of these fantastic creations, such as a map based off one of PUBG’s maps, click here.

However, if you want to have more Jurassic Park goodness in your life, you’ll also be pleased to know more about Rocket League’s Jurassic Park DLC pack, as well as the fact that Jurassic World will be debuting officially on the 12th of this month. Be sure to check them out.