New Warframe Expansion Coming Later in June for PC, “Soon” for Consoles

Warframe, the online cooperative game that has been running for over five years, is on the cusp of getting some more story-based content. This new Warframe expansion called The Sacrifice is coming out later in June for PC and at some unspecified time for Xbox One and PS4. Developer Digital Extremes teased the expansion last year at Tennocon, a convention centered around Warframe.

This cryptic, new trailer does not clearly spell out what is in line for the upcoming update. But it will further the story started in the other expansions. Players will have to play those other expansions (The Second Dream, The War Within, The Chains of Harrow, and Apostasy Prologue) in order to play The Sacrifice. As an added bonus, players can use the code “OLDFRIEND” to get a free Orokin Tea Set Decoration and three-day Affinity Booster. The trailer also shows some top-tier players and their loadouts.

The game’s subreddit is ablaze with people trying to decode the vague trailers. People are inspecting its web pages, dissecting artwork, and scanning everything related to this update to understand what is going on. While everything surrouning the new Warframe expansion looks intentionally obtuse, players will probably have to wait until it launches later this month to find out what is going on.

All of this seems impenetrable to outsiders, given the heavy sci-fi lore and hefty time sink required. PCGamer reckons it takes about 100 hours to complete them all of the expansions that are mandatory to even start this upcoming one.

For those confused about Warframe getting story DLC, rest assured; it didn’t launch with story content. As the game grew and got more popular, Digital Extremes began to add more cinematic quests that had fully voiced cutscenes and motion capture. The Second Dream was the first one and it released in late 2015. Digital Extremes announced in March 2018 that the game had hit 38 million total players as of its fifth anniversary.