E3 2019 | Warframe Empyrean full reveal date announced with free Nekros Prime

During the PC Gaming E3 2019, developer Digital Extremes provided another look at Warframe Empyrean, the new expansion that previously went under the codename “Railjack.” The main highlight of the Empyrean DLC is the new space combat, a feature that was originally teased with gameplay during E3 2018. In addition to the new look, fans were finally treated to a Warframe Empyrean full reveal date.

Once the new Empyrean DLC drops, players will be able to enlist a crew, manage their battlestations, and engage in ship-to-ship dogfights and boarding operations.

As well as giving players the chance to fight in the huge expanse of space, the Empyrean expansion also provides Digital Extremes with the opportunity to combine the many elements of Warframe‘s gameplay — on-foot objectives, Archwing combat, and now fighting in space — into a single game mode. This should mean that all players will find something they enjoy and/or excel at, while also facing the challenge of trickier objectives.

The Warframe Empyrean expansion will be playable in groups of four, so plan out your squad before the not-yet-revealed release date rolls around.

After launching in March 2013, the free-to-play co-op third-person shooter has expanded to offer an incredible amount of content.

Players can look forward to hearing much more about the new Warframe Empyrean expansion during Tennocon 2019 on July 6. An hour-long livestream will provide a “full reveal” of the new expansion, with this PC Gaming E3 2019 showcase acting only as a teaser.

Be sure to tune into the live reveal, as viewers who watch 30 minutes or over will be able to get the Nekros Prime for free. (Ensure you link your Twitch Account ahead of time to secure the free loot!)

Give the one-minute gameplay trailer below a watch to get a taste of the epic space battles that players will soon get to experience.