Konami to Reveal Two New Games for Switch

Konami’s history with the Nintendo Switch isn’t excellent, but that looks like it could all change next week. Aside from Super Bomberman R, and a small handful of other titles, Konami has largely looked over the hybrid machine. Games such as the latest Pro Evolution Soccer have missed out on Switch releases, for example. A mysterious couple of listings on Konami’s page on the official E3 2018 website could be good news to Switch owners everywhere, however.

Before your imaginations run completely wild, we do know a little bit about the two titles set to be announced. One is listed as an “action/adventure” and the other, a “compilation”. I know that’s vague, but I doubt we’ll be seeing Pro Evolution Soccer announced for Switch anytime soon based on those descriptions. Unless, that is, either we get a compilation of old titles (a nightmare for image rights and licensing) or the series is being taken to strange new places.

Just What Will Konami Announce?

Will we be seeing a brand-new action/adventure title for the Switch, or a port of something like Metal Gear Solid V? What about the compilation game? That could be anything. We’d love to see something new from the sadly dormant Castlevania franchise brought to the table. Imagine if Konami were to announce a classic Castlevania compendium, or, better yet, an all-new entry into the gothic series? It’s what the world needs to be honest.

Whatever it is Konami has up its sleeves, it won’t be long before we find out. E3 is right around the corner and we’ll be watching with anticipation to see what Konami has instore for us. In any case, it’s an exciting time to be a Switch owner. And, that advice to not let your imagination run completely wild? Go ahead, we know we are.

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