Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum Now Available

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum is now available, according to an announcement by Ubisoft. Operation Para Bellum is the game’s Year 3 Season 2 update and is one of the biggest that the game has received. It includes two new defenders, a new map, a new multiplayer Pick & Ban system, new items, and more.

The new new defending operations introduced in the new update are Alibi and Maestro, the former employs trickery and deception using her Prisma and the latter employs a remote-controlled turret to provide both surveillance and defense. Here are full descriptions of the two new operators, from Ubisoft:

“New operator, Alibi, is a cunning adversary with a gift for infiltrating dense networks of organised crime. Alibi is notable for her Prisma which projects holograms identical to Alibi in an idle position. If you shoot or touch the holograms, you’ll be marked and pinged for the next few seconds. If Prisma is deployed outside, a false “Defender Outside” warning is triggered for Attackers. To add an element of surprise, Prisma conceals the identity of any defender who ventures outside. Any bullet, melee, or explosive damages Prisma, and will shoot through the hologram. Be careful not to stand too close.

New Operator Maestro is another member of the Italian Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.) earning his iconic facial scar from a roadside IED during his participations in joint operations with Team Rainbow in Iraq. Maestro uses a remote-controlled turret firing high-energy laser beams. Once affixed to the floor or wall, Maestro can remotely-surveil and provide overwatch in a location through the swivel-mounted camera. When the camera device breaks open to fire a laser beam the core is exposed to damage. Otherwise, the turret is unaffected by bullets and melee. Lastly, Evil Eye can see through smoke.”

Operation Para Bellum’s new map, Villa, which is set in the Italian countryside, is owned by the Vinciguerra crime family. When the family catches wind of Operation Para Bellum, they flee leaving vital information behind ready for the taking.

The update will also introduce the new Pick & Ban system, which will allow players to ban operators from being chosen by their opponents, adding another element of strategy to the game. The Pick & Ban feature will be available in Custom games, with no word on whether it will be made available in the game’s other modes of play.

Other major updates included with Operation Para Bellum include deployable bullet proof cameras, a new counter defuser animation, dropshotting adjustments, new observation tool management, operation speed adjustments, a discovery playlist, and a buff to both Echo and the Clubhouse map.

Operation Para Bellum is now available for players to unlock using either Renown or R6 Credits. Rainbow Six Siege is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the trailer for Operation Para Bellum below: