E3 2018: Unravel 2 Release Date Revealed at EA Play

Unravel 2 was announced at today’s EA Play conference. It looks to put a focus on co-op with two yarn puppets figuring into the story. The two dolls share their yarn, so they’re always tethered together. It looks like you’ll have to work together to solve puzzles.

You can play the game together, or separately. Playing separately you can absorb the other yarn doll into yourself so you can skip through speedy sections without dealing with the AI running around. When you get to a puzzle in Unravel 2 playing by yourself you can drop out the second yarn person and use them to help traverse obstacles.

Co-op looks to be local drop-in/drop-out and it’s as simple as having a friend pick up a second controller to have them join the action. The tone is more light-hearted than the first one, which was depressing at times. You won’t be stuck with the default red and blue Yarnys. You’ll be able to customize your Yarny with different heads, bodies, colors of yarn, and eyes. To get new cosmetics for your Yarny you’ll need to complete special challenge maps spread through the lighthouse, which serves as the hub for Unravel 2.

Unravel 2 will be available today, right after EA Play. The game will retail for $19.99 and will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A demo of the game will also be available for EA Access and Origin Access members.