Beat Saber PSVR Announced Ahead of Sony E3 2018 Event

PlayStation has announced Beat Saber for PSVR, an action rhythm game from developer Beat Games. It’s the last game to be announced as part of PlayStation’s Countdown to E3 2018 before tomorrow’s PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase. It’s time to bring out those PS Move controllers and whip those little sticks to the beat, like a dancing ninja.

According to PlayStation Blog, players will wield their PS Move controllers to slash and cut colorful cubes as they hurtle towards them. The best part is that every slash and cut will be synchronized to a wicked pulsing electronica beat. It’s not that simple though, as every cube will have an arrow indicating the specific angle required to land a successful strike. Every successful strike will then add a unique sound to the beat and build up the track.

Beat Saber PSVR E3 2018: Slice And Dice To The Sick Beat

Each level in Beat Saber contains original music composed by Jaroslav Beck from Los Angeles. Beck is an experienced games music composer, having worked on Overwatch animated shorts, an intro trailer for Starcraft: Legacy of the Void and several Battlefield trailers for EA.

It’s been an exciting week leading into E3 2018 and the PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase will be commencing tomorrow. All five games announced ahead of the Showcase includes Lumines designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Tetris Effect, the release date for the highly-anticipated Days Gone, the Twin Mirror announcement, yesterday’s Ghost Giant reveal and today’s Beat Saber announcement.

It seems like PlayStation is already winning E3 2018. Nintendo and Xbox will have to step up their game if they wish to stand out at this year’s E3. Xbox will the first of the big three to present its press conference later today at 1 pm PT. It looks like it’s going to be one of Xbox’s biggest E3 showings ever, especially since the company has so much more to prove compared to PlayStation or Nintendo.