E3 2018: Fallout 76 Reveal at Microsoft Conference

We’ve finally gotten our first real look at Fallout 76 at E3 2018’s Microsoft Conference, with an additional announcement of the game being 4K compatible on Xbox One X.

We can all breathe a sigh of release. Now hybrid multiplayer adventure, no mobile attachment needed; this is pure Fallout, just as we all wanted.

Set in West Virginia, Bethesda EP Todd Howard took to the stage in LA to announce the trailer for the post-apocalyptic Fallout prequel. Included in the trailer were dragon-esque flying monsters; hulking beasts roaming the landscape and a lush, beautiful forest at odds with what we’ve become accustomed to in the Fallout universe.

Starting off in 2076 and jumping forward to the nuclear fallout that plagued West Virginia. There’s even the ominous-looking figure of a Brotherhood of Steel uniform being submerged and buried in dirt. The ever-present faction look to be returning, but it might not go as swimmingly for them this time around compared to previous entries. If nothing else, this is a Fallout universe that remains unblemished by the horrors of the likes of the Glowing Sea that permeated Fallout 4.

While no release date has been announced (yet), it’ll be a relief to many that we appear to be getting a full single-player experience compared to the rumored MMO reveal. You can watch the trailer below. Be sure to let us know your favorite moment! Is it the Firewatch-esque lookout point over the West Virginian forest, the interior of the emponymous Fallout 76, or something else entirely?