Devolver Digital E3 Announcements: Metal Wolf Chaos XD, SCUM, and My Friend Pedro

Overnight, a bizarre occurrence took place. After the standard showings of EA, Microsoft and Bethesda came Devolver Digital. Nobody knew exactly what Devolver had up its sleeve, but we all knew it would probably be strange. We weren’t disappointed. After fooling viewers by having their Twitch feed recast the stream of someone else watching the real stream, Devolver got into its announcements: SCUM, My Friend Pedro, and Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

Alongside the more traditional game announcements, Devolver also announced a crypto coin that will change its price every hour, because, why not?

Devolver Digital E3 Announcements: SCUM

We begin with the open-world survival title SCUM. In it, you are tasked with creating a character and survive the game-show world around you. Giving off The Hunger Games vibes, SCUM pits you against fellow contestants, who are brought back to life as zombies (among other things) after they die. Rule-enforcement robots parole the landscapes also, keeping track of your movements and hunting you down. Oh. It’s also ridiculously violent, so there’s that. SCUM hits Steam Early Access in August.

Devolver Digital E3 Announcements: My Friend Pedro

Devolver’s next proper announcement was for a game titled My Friend Pedro, which looks like a side-scrolling Deadpool game. With a tagline of “Blood. Bullets. Bananas” you know you’re in for a wild ride. The announcement trailer showed just that. Set to an orchestral score, we see a masked man dance, flip and shoot his way through tonnes of enemies. My Friend Pedro looks slick, with plenty of slo-mo and neat physics to go alongside its deadly gunplay. While no release date was given, My Friend Pedro will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Devolver Digital E3 Announcements: Metal Wolf Chaos XD

To round out its irreverent show, Devolver announced that Metal Wolf Chaos will return. Yes, Metal Wolf Chaos XD will launch later this year for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. XD is an HD remake of the original Metal Wolf Chaos game and sees the classic voiceover return. Playable in 4K, the updated visuals look great and we can’t wait to return to the skies in our mech-outfitted President of the USA.

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