E3 2018: Star Citizen Trailer Shows Just How Impressive the Game May Be

As a long-time follower of Star Citizen, I can attest to how impression today’s trailer at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018 was. It shows just how far the engine has come, and even if the game isn’t quite a bug-free and smooth as the trailer showed. Unlike some developers, the Star Citizen trailer did show how truly gorgeous the game can actually be running on the right hardware.

The trailer itself is to commemorate the upcoming launch of the Star Citizen 3.2 alpha, and although the game seemed stuck in place for a bit, the quarterly updates since 3.0 dropped have shown steady progress. It’s far from finished, but you can actually see the shape of a finished game starting to emerge from what for a while seemed like a pretty tech demo.

Of course, there’s some who are salty and want nothing more than Star Citizen to fail for some reason. Some also criticize Cloud Imperium selling digital ships for an unfinished game for thousands of dollars. While I see the point that some of the people in the latter camp are making, I’ve never understood the sentiment of people who want to see a product fail.