E3 2018: New Remedy Game Control Announced at Sony Conference

A new game by Remedy Entertainment has been announced at the E3 2018 Sony Conference. Control, despite not having a release date, has caught our attention immediately. Remedy, seemingly borrowing very heavily from the aesthetic of Quantum Break, the Control trailer featured a lead female protagonist using psychic abilities to throw things around the room and, y’know, being in control.

An extended look at Control, as per Geoff Keighley on Twitter, will come Thursday at the E3 Coliseum at 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST/5:30pm BST. Make your calendars and set your alarms for that one, folks.

If you were waiting on a new Alan Wake from Remedy then I’m sorry to disappoint, but the Control game looks to be a doozy. Showcasing solid gunplay and a physics-heavy engine that goes all-out on the collision detection (yeah, that looks painful), Control is Remedy’s first game since 2015’s Quantum Break. No FMV-style cutscenes starring Lance Reddick in sight, either. Phew.

Watch the Control trailer below:

What do you make of Control? Let us know in the comments! Pretty interesting, huh? *Adds to already over-flowing E3 2018 games list*