Death Stranding Might be Hideo Kojima’s Last Game

In an interview with Geoff Keighley, Hideo Kojima revealed that Death Stranding might be his last game. The post-Sony conference discussion hosted by Keighley on the Gameslice YouTube channel invited Kojima on as a guest alongside newly-announced cast member Lindsay Wagner, where they discussed her role briefly and let slip the off-hand remark.

The comment came when Kojima was asked about what led to his deciding to bring Wagner in to star in Death Stranding. He talked about how much he admired Wagner as an actor, and then said via his translator, “I was thinking, might as well be my last project. I don’t know, so I want to make it count, and the person that has influenced me the most and that I look up to most is Lindsay.”

This happens at the very beginning of the interview around three minutes in and is seemingly glossed over. But the statement is very clear, that Kojima is reserving the possibility that Death Stranding will be his last game. Nothing up to this point has suggested that this might be the case, with the newly-founded Kojima Productions quickly gaining traction in the industry, so much so that there’s already a merchandise line for the studio’s mascot. This makes the news all the more shocking.

The new trailer for Death Stranding that premiered during Sony’s E3 conference last night shed a single ray of light on what we should expect and even gave us some gameplay. It wasn’t an awful lot to go on, but we saw new characters portrayed by Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner, a high-class breath of fresh air for those hoping to actually see female characters in the game. There’s also acid rain, pulling off toenails, walking a lot, and of course the iconic jar babies.

If this is Kojima’s last outing as a developer, then Death Stranding is looking like it will be his most out-there game yet, which is awfully fitting. We know nothing about a release date (and not an lot else admittedly) but stay tuned for when we do.