E3 2018: No Compromises for Wolfenstein 2 Switch

While it was awesome that we got to play Bethesda’s DOOM reboot on the Switch, it was something of a patchy port. The framerate drops, the screen blurs and, to begin with, it didn’t sound great. Thankfully, Panic Button Games have confirmed that there will be no compromises to its port: Wolfenstein 2 Switch.

Speaking to Nintendo Enthusiast, Adam Creighton (head of Panic Button) spoke the words all Switch owners wanted to hear. It is made clear that there have been changes made in the graphical department, but only in order to make sure The New Colossus runs smooth as butter on Switch.

Kill Nazis Smoothly in Wolfenstein 2 Switch

After being pressed on the port, Adam Creighton spoke well about Wolfenstein 2 Switch. The question posed by Nintendo Enthusiast was simple: “There won’t be any compromises in frame rate or anything like that?” Creighton’s response was thus:

“No, we really made sure the gameplay wasn’t impacted by whatever framerate we needed to stick to on the hardware. That can be a challenge. When people have expectations about framerate they have expectations about gameplay. When we move a game to new hardware, we look at everything. Not just how it looks and performs on the hardware, but all the gameplay stuff: how the physics simulations work, how the audio works, and all that good stuff. So, there’s a lot of rebalancing and reprioritizing we do for all of the content.”

While it’s nice to know that Wolfenstein 2 Switch will run as smooth as other versions of the game, we are left wondering exactly what it will look like. At times, DOOM on Switch looked like a hot mess. Hopefully, lessons have been learned and Wolfenstein 2 Switch will look great.

It won’t be long before we know exactly how Wolfenstein 2 Switch will look and play. It is launching on June 29th, 2018.