Nintendo snuck new Splatoon 3 gameplay footage into its Switch OLED trailer

All has been quiet on Splatoon 3 since its reveal at the start of the year, though fans noticed some brand-new gameplay footage hidden in the Nintendo Switch OLED announcement video. This new Splatoon 3 gameplay trailer showcases the Splat Bow weapon, an all-new addition to the anticipated threequel.

New Splatoon 3 gameplay trailer shows the Splat Bow in action

New Splatoon 3 gameplay features at 1:43 in the Nintendo Switch OLED trailer. In the footage, a squidling uses the devastating Splat Bow weapon to eliminate opponents at range.

Judging from this early video, the Splatoon 3 Splat Bow looks to be a one-hit kill weapon. It’s incredibly powerful, obviously, though the slow rate of fire seemingly demands a high degree of accuracy. Advanced players will no doubt flock to it, though beginners might want to stick with something more simple — like the returning Splat Roller, which also features.

While the average person could easily be forgiven for mistakenly attributing the footage to a previous installment, the Splatoon community was quick to notice. For some, the glimpse was even enough to eclipse the (admittedly somewhat underwhelming) new hardware reveal.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t showcase Splatoon 3 running on the Nintendo Switch OLED in handheld mode; all of the gameplay footage takes place on a TV screen with the new console docked. It’s an odd choice considering that the game will run the same docked on an original Switch, but that’s just Nintendo.

The trailer does at least emphasize the new dock’s wired LAN port alongside the Splatoon 3 gameplay. Nintendo Switch OLED owners will be able to enjoy a more consistent online multiplayer experience, thanks to the integrated Ethernet port. Splatoon has a thriving competitive scene, so this is great news for serious players.

In other Nintendo Switch OLED news, the new model doesn’t improve battery life. It also doesn’t support 4K resolution or, perhaps more positively, feature any exclusive games.