Does Nintendo Switch OLED have exclusive games?

Could there be Nintendo Switch OLED exclusive games when the new system launches in October? The publisher’s new version of its bestselling console, previously rumored as the Nintendo Switch Pro, was revealed today, but the big question fans have is if new Switch OLED games will be compatible with the previous system, or whether Nintendo will release games exclusive to the OLED edition — like what happened with the New Nintendo 3DS.

Will there be Nintendo Switch OLED exclusive games?

Nintendo Switch OLED exclusive games

The good news is that it seems there will be no exclusive games for the new Nintendo Switch OLED console. While this is not absolutely confirmed and Nintendo hasn’t specifically confirmed this detail either way, the Nintendo Switch OLED edition will not be a significantly more powerful system than the normal Switch — despite the previous rumors about the Switch Pro having 4K support or better. It doesn’t need any exclusive games since the actual console is the same.

Despite this, the Switch OLED edition does offer a range of improvements over the regular Switch system. Most significantly, the undocked screen size has been boosted from 6.2 inches to 7 inches with a titular OLED screen to make things a lot clearer and better looking. It’ll have enhanced and improved audio, and a wired LAN port for the dock. There’s a new black and white color scheme and a decent new built-in stand to replace the old tiny one. It’ll cost $349.99 MSRP ($50 more than the regular Switch) and will be out on October 8 this year.

The Switch is set to have an exciting year, with Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD due out this month alongside Tekken’s Kayuza being added to Smash Bros Ultimate, and the eagerly anticipated Metroid Dread is due out the same day as the OLED console. However, it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 that has the most attention, even if Nintendo hasn’t revealed its real title yet.