Black Ops 4 Reddit Is Alive With the Sound of Fans Angry Over the DLC Pass

The folks running Battlefront 2 must be feeling pretty good right now not to be the ones in the spotlight of a community’s rage this time. This time it is the Black Ops 4 Reddit community, who are rightfully furious over Activision’s stuck-in-the-past ways concerning DLC passes. And this only one of the things they’re angry about too.

If you cast your mind back to yesterday, you may remember our article about the Black Ops 4 pass not being available as a standalone when the standard edition of the game debuts. Activision’s Support FAQ changed their tune afterward, stating a standalone DLC pass would be available for fans ‘sometime after launch’.

The price hasn’t been revealed yet, but that’s not what has fans demanding answers from Activision, nor is it the reason why some are threatening to boycott the game entirely. No, what Activision is being accused of is community-splitting, and it’s all thanks to the 12 multiplayer maps that they offer with the DLC pass.

As Activision have done with their previous games, multiplayer maps are, to put it bluntly, being locked behind a paywall and thus splitting the competitive-focused community between those who have paid for the Black Ops 4 DLC pass and for those who haven’t. Before this may have been seen as ‘acceptable’, but times have changed, especially after EA’s mess with Battlefront 2, and players feel as though they deserve more than being shafted by the studio they’ve supported for so long.

Activision has said they are listening to their fans, but the Black Ops 4 Reddit is not buying that talk one bit. Many feel betrayed and it seems all are on the same wavelength on Activision being out of touch, with some using Battlefield’s free DLC as a case that the studio just isn’t keeping up with what makes a community happy.