Vampyr Bites Its Way to Number 1 in the UK

Okay, absolutely terrible vampire pun aside, Vampyr has managed to claw its way into the hearts of the consumer. Yes, that means it fought off competition from both Santa Monica Studio’s, God of War and EA Sport’s FIFA 18 and came out the other side looking more bloodthirsty than ever. What makes this a really pivotal moment is that it is the first game ever from Focus Home Interactive to achieve the top spot in the All Formats chart.

DONTNOD, the creators behind Vampyr, have made other phenomenal games such as Life is Strange and Remember Me, though none have managed to do what their latest RPG has. Take a look at the tweet below for yourself to see what competition the newest vampire game had going against it.

This turn-around from DONTNOD’s latest game may leave some feeling shocked, seeing as the game received lukewarm reviews from a lot of critics (including our own) about the clunky combat, a less than compelling story and the weird, stilted dialogue. But regardless of its faults, it cannot be denied that the game has sold well and may still continue to do so. In fact, with how mixed some reviews were, we’d even dare to say it might become yet another Marmite game – you either love it, or hate it.

Interesting enough, Vampyr is the third new IP this year to top the chart, with Rare’s Sea of Thieves and Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human also having that honor. The rest of the chart list was short on surprises, though we are looking forward to seeing where Vampyr will end up on this list in the upcoming month.

If you’re intrigued to hear more about Vampyr or just want some help with the game, check out our guides.