Dontnod Entertainment sees strong revenues in 2018, two new games coming

According to its yearly revenues report, French game studio Dontnod Entertainment saw strong revenues in 2018. Last year the group brought €14.3 million ($16 million) in revenue, beating its €9.7 million ($10.9 million) figure from 2017. Fixed development fees also increased to €10.5 million, up from €8.6 million the year before. These increased numbers are thanks to a “ramp-up of games under production” and sales of games like Vampyr.

Vampyr topped sales charts in France, the United Kingdom, and Germany when it released last June. That and royalties from the company’s 2015 breakout Life is Strange helped multiply revenues by a factor of 3.5. Dontnod credits these extra sales to “new distribution methods” and the announcement of a sequel. Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 launched in September of last year, and Episode 2 landed this past January. Also, Dontnod plans to release its 2018 annual financial results on April 25th, 2019.

The studio plans to use its strong income to “support the ramp-up of new games in development.” As for the future, we already know that Dontnod’s new adventure game Twin Mirror will release at some point this year. With that said, the recent revenue report also revealed that two more games will be coming, though from unknown publishers. Twin Mirror was a partnership with Bandai Namco, Life is Strange was with Square Enix, and Remember Me was with Capcom. At the time, Vampyr was a team-up with indie publisher Focus Home Interactive. These two new games could be with one of the former publishers or another team entirely.

Finally, Focus Home Interactive’s yearly event, de Focus 2019, is next week from April 10-11. There we may get details on another Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive partnership. If you ask us, it’s not too early to announce a Vampyr 2 or another game in that universe. Speaking of which, Vampyr is now available on Xbox Game Pass for those who still haven’t played. It’s a repetitive yet standout title that’s worth your time and money.