Twitch Streamer Ninja Lost 40,000 Subscribers for Taking a Two-Day Break

Poor Ninja. Who knew just how high-maintenance Twitch streaming was? I mean, he stepped away from his Twitch account for two days and Ninja lost 40,000 subscribers. In terms of potential actual income lost, this equates to around $100,000. But doesn’t Ninja earn $500,000 per month anyway? It doesn’t matter, as there are still 40,000 less Ninja subscribers than there was a few days ago.

The streaming life can be a stressful one, no matter your income. Ninja took two days off of his streaming schedule to attend E3, and more specifically, the Fortnite Pro-Am – which he went on to win alongside fellow streamer Marshmello. While it makes sense why he wasn’t able to stream for two days, losing 40,000 subscribers must have hurt.

Ninja Lost 40,000 Subscribers – That’s a lot in two days.

Despite losing 40,000 subscribers and a potential $100,000, Ninja was in good spirits after his Pro-Am win. The substantial loss just goes to highlight the fickle world of streaming. Why would anyone want to subscribe to a streamer who isn’t there for a couple of days, shouting out to them mid-stream? Ninja subscribers demand his time and it makes sense they might jump ship while he’s away.

Not that it matters so much, anyway, as Ninja would be very likely to get just as many subscribers back as he lost after his Pro-Am victory. His name is now even bigger in the Fortnite community than it was before his brief exodus to E3. Indeed, the player himself suggested that he wasn’t unhappy with the loss of subscribers (being crowned the best at the game he streams is better, surely?), but was more pointing out that his life isn’t quite as easy as it may seem. There are plenty of pressures to the streaming game.

Ninja’s grind in the streaming world is a daily ritual for many fans around the world. Losing 40,000 subscribers in two days of inactivity is somewhat surprising, but the man earns $500,000 a month from streaming Fortnite, so it’s hard to feel that sorry.