Darkest Dungeon DLC The Color of Madness Releases Today

The latest Darkest Dungeon DLCThe Color of Madness, will be releasing today at 10 am PT. As well as bringing a wealth of new content and features, developer Red Hook Studios has implemented a major balance update that tweaks the core of the dungeon crawler indie game in a number of ways.

The Color of Madness will introduce a few new features, primarily a new quest called “Endless Harvest,” an endless challenge mode that pits you against waves of a new enemy faction, the Miller and his workmen who are now eerie husks, pushing closer to the crash site of a comet. This comet has placed into the world a few new items and trinkets, which you can purchase using comet shards that you collect when venturing into the Farmstead, the new region where the Darkest Dungeon DLC is primarily focused.

There are three new bosses, including the aforementioned Miller, the “Thing From the Stars,” and the comet itself. You’ll also be able to expand your Hamlet with four new district buildings, as well as make use of some new Quirks for your characters. To coincide with the DLC’s release, Red Hook Studios has also decided to give away the Muskateer character class, formerly a Kickstarter exclusive, to all owners of the core game for free. The Muskateer is a mirror/skin class to the Arbalest, and from today you’ll be able to download her if you own Darkest Dungeon.

Red Hook has also given the core game a massive balance update, detailed extensively in a huge post on the Darkest Dungeon website. Every class in the game has been tweaked considerably, and some new features have been introduced. One is Crit Buffs: when one of your characters lands a critical hit, they’ll receive a unique temporary buff that’s thematically suited to their class.

You can read the full list of patch notes here, and buy the new Darkest Dungeon DLC as well as the core game on Steam, GOG, and Humble. Console and mobile releases of the DLC will be coming at an unconfirmed time in the near-future.