Call of Duty Sale Hits PSN this Week

In case you’re either hit with the summer doldrums or trying to catch up on Call of Duty before Black Ops 4 comes out on October 12th, PSN has your back. PSN is holding a Call of Duty sale this week that spans over on almost every title in the series. PlayStation Plus subscribers get an extra 5% to 10% off each game and the sale ends on June 26th at 8 am PST.

There are some caveats in this sale. Call of Duty Black Ops 3, as you might remember from that quick E3 announcement between demos, is still free for all PlayStation Plus members until July 11th at 8 am PST. Call of Duty 2 never came to PS3 or PS4 but Call of Duty 3, World at War, and WWII are not included in the sale, which is odd coincidence for those wanting to delve into one of the many World War II games in the series. Call of Duty Classic, a remastered version of the original game on PS3, however, is on sale for $6.59 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The sale runs down the list of the rest of the Call of Duty games from the Black Ops franchise to the Modern Warfare series to the separate games like Advanced WarfareInfinite Warfare, and Ghosts. Since the titles usually have extensive season passes (that don’t always sit well with fans), much of the DLC is also on sale either through a bundle or sold separately.

Call of Duty is one of those evergreen series that don’t always go on sale, which makes sense given how long they continue to sell after their release. While PSN has held a Call of Duty sale or two in the past, they are rare enough to warrant attention. Xbox is not currently mirroring the sale but Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 did come to Xbox One backwards compatibility earlier today.