Victor Vran Overkill Edition Gets Switch Release in August

Victor Vran Overkill Edition is an indie isometric action RPG starring the voice of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, Doug Cockle, where you slay waves of demons and tackle monstrous bosses. It’s getting a Nintendo Switch release this year, on August 28.

The original Victor Vran did quite well critically. It’s an isometric RPG akin to Diablo and Path of Exile, where you are Victor Vran, voiced by Doug Cockle, a demon hunter helping to fight off a demon infestation in the city of Zagoravia. There are no character classes or skill trees, with different weapons, consumable items, outfits and demon powers that you can equip serving as the primary means of progression. There’s a large world to explore, that consists of Zagoravia and a number of different dungeons with challenges and hoards of enemies within.

Victor Vran‘s twin-stick action gameplay is pretty well-suited to the Switch. Independent publisher Wired Productions, known for their involvement in Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, is pretty excited about bringing it to the platform. “A masterpiece both technically and in its gameplay, Haemimont Games’ classic action-RPG will be a must-have addition for Switch owners around the world,” said Managing Director Leo Zullo.

The Overkill Edition of Victor Vran comes bundled with all of the game’s DLC. There’s Fractured Worlds, which brings you to a dimension made up of the fragments of broken realms, and then there’s Motorhead Through the Ages. You team up with Lemmy Kilmister and Lloyd Kaufman to “harness the powers of the immortal Motorhead” and also fight Hitler, all to the tune of some Motorhead classics in what feels heavily inspired by the likes of Brutal Legend.

You’ll be able to pick up Victor Vran Overkill Edition from the Nintendo eShop or as a physical copy from other retailers for $39.99, or you can grab it on Steam now for the same price.