New Overwatch Teaser Tests Fans Limits, Is It Hero 28?

Nobody panic but Overwatch’s official Twitter account decided to be a little evil today. While the majority of Overwatch fans decided to just carry on with their lives, blissfully unaware of anything untoward, the Overwatch team at Blizzard was working hard. Hard on what, you may ask. Well, on the new Overwatch teaser of course, a teaser that we speculate has something to do with the reveal of hero 28.

For those who may not want any clue on who the next hero could be, click away right now. Because below you can see the teaser for yourselves in all its glory.

The calm before the storm indeed. As expected, fans are already speculating wildly on what this teaser could mean. Only recently did we write about how the next hero coming to Overwatch might be Hammond, a chimp who we guessed may have taken the same ride as Winston to planet Earth. If you look closely at the teaser, you’ll see that there is a chimp in a space suit plastered on the wall. But what makes this interesting is that it is being chased by a dog, also in a space suit. Could this mean that if not Hammond, there will be a space dog to be added to the hero roster?

However, there is another theory and one that some fans may actually prefer. Look closer to the teaser and you’ll see there is a lot of anti-omnic propaganda, and the map itself looks like it could belong to Kings Row which is where you can see this sort of hate in-game already. Nevertheless, just to the right of the teaser, you can see a poster that covers a word ending with ‘yard’. Could this have something to do with the junkyard, where the Junker Queen resides?

Again this is pure speculation, but we would definitely be down to having the Junker Queen as a possible hero. What about you? Let us know in the comments below what kinda of hero you’d be interested in seeing in Overwatch.