Fallout 4 Playing on This Fallout-Style TV Just Made Our 2018

Walking through the wasteland of the Fallout franchise, one comes across many things that were left behind after the bombs hit. You’ll get refrigerators, radios, old ratty couches and the occasional TV. Considering that the Great War ended in 2077, you’d expect everything to be more modern than they are. But we digress, instead we ask you to imagine this: playing Fallout 4 on a Fallout-style TV that you’d find in the Wasteland.

Well, now you don’t have to imagine it and it’s all thanks to TVS Pro technician, Brian Townley. He was the technician who restored the customer’s TV, which comes from a small electronics museum. We must stress that it wasn’t restored solely to play Fallout 4, but with so many technicians who are gamers in one place, who could blame them for giving it a shot? Especially when the outcome looks so good.

The photo was first found on Reddit, where it caught the eyes of many fans out there who thought the Fallout-style TV looked pretty cool but also pretty frustrating to play on. The screen is, unsurprisingly, too small to include everything players would need to be able to see and so despite how cool it looks, we recommend that fans stick to TVs that will actually display all they need.

Still, if you’re not going to be able to rest until you know the make of this wonderful TV, we’re glad to let you know the model is a Philco Predicta IIRC J3406. These were made in 1959 and truly fits the vintage style that you see as you walk around the Wasteland. While it may be possible to buy one, we expect that it would cost more than many would be willing to spend.

Nonetheless, if you’re keen to see this fantastic TV in action, then feel free to look at the YouTube video provided by the company itself.