Nintendo Switch Labo Edition Revealed Ahead of Creators Contest

The Nintendo Switch Labo Edition has been unveiled by the company along with the launch of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest in Europe. The special edition console, Joy-Cons, and dock were created as prizes for the contest winners and finalists.

The Nintendo Switch Labo Edition is designed to look like cardboard, complete with the dirty Manila brown color and the fluted corrugated lining on parts of the dock and the inner sides of the Joy-Cons. It’s difficult to determine via the pictures on the contest website, but it looks like the cardboard-like surface of the Labo Edition might also be textured. The buttons, analogue sticks, triggers, vents, and the display bezel all still come in a matte black.

While the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons have been released in several colors for different special editions of the console, such as the Splatoon 2 pack, the Nintendo Switch Labo Edition is only the second special edition of the console to customize the entire system. The Monster Hunter XX Edition features art inspired by the franchise printed on both the rear of the console and the dock.

The Nintendo Labo Creators Contest gives creative individuals, inventors, and even children a chance to showcase their talents and skills for a chance to take home the special Labo Edition console. Winners of the contest will get the complete Nintendo Switch Labo Edition system while finalists will get a pair of Labo Edition Joy-Cons. Nintendo is also giving out a yet to be announced special prize to the winners, finalists, and semi-finalists.

The contest is divided into three categories – Creations (original Toy-Con ideas), Customizations (customized Toy-Con designs), and Kids (for children up to the age of 12 to either make their own Toy-Con creations or customizations). Interested participants can submit their entries from July 19 to September 7, 2018. Finalists will be chosen per country and one overall winner for Europe will be awarded per category. More information on the contest can be found on the Nintendo Labo website.