Doctor Who Infinity 3rd Story Revealed

Tiny Rebel Games has unveiled the 3rd story for the upcoming comic book-style indie puzzle adventure game, Doctor Who Infinity. ‘Lady of the Lake’ will feature the Tenth Doctor and will come with previously announced episodes, ‘The Dalek Invasion’ and ‘The Orphans of Polyoptra’ when the game launches this August.

Doctor Who Infinity is going to be an episodic adventure game illustrated in a comic book style, with each episode resembling one of the Doctor Who TV series’ storylines. The latest to be announced, the 3rd of a planned 6 to be announced this year, will be called ‘Lady of the Lake.’ It features the Tenth Doctor and is written by Scott Handcock, best known for authoring many Doctor Who audio dramas and short stories, and contains voice acting from Celyn Jones (Set Fire to the Stars, Submergence) and Katy Manning, who portrayed Doctor Who companion Jo Grant during the era of the Third Doctor.

There have been another 2 episodes announced for Doctor Who Infinity. ‘The Dalek Invasion of Time’ is written by George Mann, best known as the author of the Newbury and Hobbes book series and for writing some of Doctor Who‘s books and audio dramas. This episode also features Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver, both reprising their respective roles as Missy and Osgood, characters from the recent incarnations of Doctor Who. ‘The Orphans of the Polyoptra’ is written by Gary Russell, a writer on the TV series and also for Doctor Who Magazine, and also features Katy Manning, voicing both Jo Grant and the antagonist of the episode.

Doctor Who Infinity, at least from a narrative perspective, is packing a lot of creative and acting pedigree, with many people responsible for creating the iconic BBC show throwing their hats in the ring. It’ll be releasing on Steam this August (with mobile releases next Summer), available in different bundles depending on which story you want – it almost feels like the Pinball FX of Doctor Who adventure games, with you purchasing the episodes you want if and when you want them.