Dragon Age 4 Is Still in the ‘Figuring out’ Stage

Dragon Age 4 has been on people’s minds since the ending of Trespasser was revealed back in 2015. It’s common knowledge that while BioWare has been hinting that they are working on the next Dragon Age, not much has been said about it. Well thanks to comments from BioWare’s general manager Casey Hudson, we now have an idea why that may be.

Hudson, whose main priority was Mass Effect back when the trilogy was still being developed, spoke to GameInformer about Anthem, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Unfortunately, Hudson didn’t have much to say about either of the two games apart from that the team is “still trying to figure out what the next Dragon Age will look like.” As for the sci-fi action RPG, Hudson does want to get back to it eventually but, of course, Anthem is BioWare’s main priority right now.

As much as the fantasy RPG fans may hate to hear it, Anthem being number 1 on BioWare’s mind right now makes a lot of sense. It’s their newest IP and they want to build a community around it, very much the same way that Mass Effect and Dragon Age have their own communities. There is also the possibility that despite gamers being worried that the studio has lost their touch with RPG fans, that Anthem will actually reassure fans of BioWare’s capabilities.

But don’t worry Dragon Age fans, hope is not yet lost. Hudson also mentioned, after a question was asked about BioWare possibly returning to the Star Wars franchise, that while Anthem is a priority for now, Dragon Age, as well as Mass Effect, will be returned to as soon as possible after its worldwide debut next year.

Until we get more news however, we’re still going to have to try and place the pieces of scattered Dragon Age 4 news together.