Cultist Simulator Writer Teases Working on New Dragon Age Game

It’s that time of year where with E3 coming up, everything is fair game to speculate about. This time it’s about the new Dragon Age game, namely Dragon Age 4, which Cultist Simulator writer Alexis Kennedy has teased about ‘not writing’ for. Or, to put it in their words, writing for a game that “might be Dragon Age with a number after it.”

This report comes from VideoGamer’s Colm Ahern, who had the pleasure to sit down to speak with Kennedy about upcoming projects such as Cultist Simulator. During the interview, however, things took a turn and inevitably Dragon Age – which may or may not be Dragon Age 4 – came up.

Stating in the interview that he would tease as much as he was able to without getting into trouble, Kennedy said “My other half, who is also my cofounder [Lottie Bevan at Weather Factory], said to me a year or two ago “AK, are all your games about death?” and I said “Well kind of.”

He continued. “I’m just a big old goth. And BioWare put me on working on a whole chunk of lore and backstory for the faction in the game that you would think of if you were thinking big old goth. You know, if you were interested in death.”

If we were to hazard a guess, we’d argue that Kennedy has been writing about something to do with the Tevinter Imperium, a place where slavery is allowed and death is to be expected, or necromancy. Necromancy was a class in the previous Dragon Age, so it isn’t too far-fetched to believe it may make a return in the future.

Dragon Age 4 has been teased for a while now, though it hasn’t been officially confirmed by anyone from Bioware as of right now. Though E3 is only days away, so could there be a new Dragon Age teaser coming up in the near future? It’s possible, but with Anthem being Bioware’s main focus at the moment? It doesn’t seem likely.