Don’t Eat Sonic the Hedgehog Curry… Unless You Want Blue Poo

We wouldn’t recommend eating the Sonic the Hedgehog curry, unless you actually want to have blue poo! Have you ever looked at your waste, floating there in the toilet, and thought to yourself: “Man, I wish my poo was blue.” Well, these majestic dreams can now come true thanks to the officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog curry. Sega really does think of everything!

While we’ll never know exactly why Sega decided to release an official Sonic the Hedgehog curry, we’re very glad that they did. The thing looks horrible. The curry itself is a dark blue color that doesn’t look like it should ever be ingested. Pair that luminous blue curry with some white rice, what looks like seaweed, and fried beef mince and hey presto, you’ve got a curry that vaguely resembles Sonic. Despite the fact that it looks disgusting and turns your poop blue, apparently, the Sonic the Hedgehog curry doesn’t taste bad.

This is according to a video from Retro Core. In the description, the host describes his experience. “Two days after eating it, my poop was blue for the whole day and then some!” The blue dye in the curry stays in your system for two days. We thought Sonic was fast? “Not only that but it turned the toilet water blue.” Oh dear. Perhaps Sega just wanted to pull a prank on everybody?

Sadly, the Sonic the Hedgehog curry is exclusive to Japan. Us westerners will have to think of other, smarter ways to impress our friends with blue stool. To be honest, it sounds like it was a scary experience for the video’s host, who explained that it stayed in his system for a long while. “What’s scary is that stuff was inside my stomach for two days before it came out, so is the inside of my stomach also blue? Even [worse] is that it took four trips to the toilet before the blue had gone.”

First Sonic the Hedgehog toasters, and now this. Why couldn’t Sega have released official Sonic-branded chili dogs, instead?