Onrush Free to Play This Weekend on PS4

Codemasters seems intent on creating some buzz around their recently released arcade racer Onrush. It just tweeted out some good news for anyone living in Europe who owns a PS4. You’re getting an Onrush free-to-play weekend from Friday July 6 to Monday July 9. Early Onrush reviews have been extremely positive so this free-to-play weekend may be indicative of slow initial sales or Codemasters is simply looking to keep the good vibes going. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. Free games are never a bad thing!

If you live outside of Europe and feel snubbed by missing out on this offer, Codemasters followed up with a second tweet that offers some hope for everyone else. No specifics were mentioned other than saying, “We have some juicy stuff coming up for you guys soon!” Let’s hope that the juicy stuff is a free to play weekend for other regions.

Onrush was released on June 5 and is available for the PS4 and Xbox One. It offers up a more arcade-based gameplay that is more about smashing and destroying other vehicles than it is about finishing the race with the fastest time. A racing game where you don’t need to concern yourself with going faster than everyone else? It’s true. This game is not your average racer and being unconventional is part of its charm. Onrush is also team friendly with up to two teams of six players competing against in another in four different game modes.

It’s unclear whether the entire game will be available during the free-to-play weekend, but we will update with those details as they become available. Given the unique nature of Onrush and the early positive reviews, it’s definitely worthwhile checking out during this free offering regardless if it’s the full game or not.