Rocket League Stats Reveal 2.5 Billion Matches Played, PS4 is Most Popular

On the eve of its third anniversary, Rocket League is celebrating its three years of success. Aside from the upcoming Anniversary Event, developer Psyonix also revealed some Rocket League stats that span from the game’s original July 7, 2015 launch date to June 30, 2018. Since its release, over 2.5 billion matches have been played from 46 million people, with an average of 6.5 million monthly players over the past 12 months. PS4 has also been the most active console (39 percent of players) over those past 12 months.

Psyonix’s extensive stat list shows that Xbox One users have been the second most active base over the past year with 35 percent. The PC and the Switch versions are at 21 percent and five percent, respectively. The high volume of PS4 owners could still most likely be traced back to when the game launched as part of the PlayStation Plus library, which the developers attribute to game’s success.

The game came to Xbox One in February 2016 and the Switch in November 2017, which explains its lower install base. Rocket League is also currently having a free weekend on PC and Xbox One for Xbox Gold Subscribers and is 50 percent off on PSN.

Players have obviously helped make these Rocket League stats so impressive but so have its viewers. According to the Psyonix’s numbers, the Rocket League channels have had 57 million views on Twitch, with their official page having just over 53 million views. Viewers have also watched over 9,651 years of the game and it has over 800,000 content creators on the Twtich platform.

Players and viewers alike can meet up in real life for the birthday celebration at San Diego’s Petco Park on July 19. This huge bash will have professional Rocket League players and WWE wrestlers as well as members from the Psyonix team. Admission (and popcorn) is free and open to the public as long as they don’t hit the capacity limit, whatever that number may be.